SIMAGIS - Smart Imaging Spreadsheet 2.0

SIMAGIS - Smart Imaging Spreadsheet 2.0: A unique, table-based visual constructor automating multi-step image processing imaging data including batch processing. No special skills are required to use SIMAGIS. Save and share your knowledge and methods with colleagues and friends! The product includes an extensive collection of imaging functions for visual effects, image tuning, transforming, improving quality, measuring, creating reports and more. The set of functions can be easily extended with custom Java modules. Updates and useful templates are available on SIMAGIS

VintaSoftImaging.NET Library 3.3: Powerful .NET library to load, view, process, annotate, print and save images.
VintaSoftImaging.NET Library 3.3

VintaSoftImaging.NET is a powerful and easy to use imaging toolkit for .NET developers. Library allows to load, view, process, print and save images, work with multipage TIFF files directly. Annotation plug-in allows to annotate TIFF and JPEG files. Image processing functions: despeckle, deskew, border detection, blank page detection, rotation, mirror, crop, invert, color conversion, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, luminance, gamma...

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Imaging Express 1.4.6: A TIFF image viewer and editor especially suited for document imaging.
Imaging Express 1.4.6

Imaging Express is an image viewer and editor software especially suited for handling document image files, with the ability to read and save multipage scanned documents in TIFF or PDF, support over 30+ image formats. Reading and adding Kodak Imaging compatible annotations. It works with Twain compatible scanners and can even create multipage TIFF or PDF files with a flatbed scanner, individual pages can be re-arranged or deleted.

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nEO iMAGING 1.01: nEO iMAGING enable everyone achieve professional result in just few clicks.
nEO iMAGING 1.01

nEO iMAGING is a small image processing software with a big engine. It is designed to go beyond in 3 areas: 1-click special effects or fixing, powerful label, watermark & Frame tools and time-saving Auto Batch processing. From basic re-touching like Exposure Adjust, red eye/stain removal or skin polish to higher level special effect filters, photo layout, framing and batch operation, all users from casual to professional can find values on it.

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Diamond Vision 4.0.86: Diamond Vision is a document imaging software designed for production scanning.
Diamond Vision 4.0.86

imaging software built for imaging Service Bureau and for Corporations who want to run their own scanning or imaging department. You have your scanning stations, QC stations, barcode reading, Indexing, and Exporting to many different types of databases. -Unlimited number of pages. Most scanning software today have limitation on how much you can scan, Diamond Vision does not, you can scan all you want the price of the software is the same. -Full reporting

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GdPicture.NET 10.2.38: Royalty Free Document Imaging SDK for .NET and ActiveX
GdPicture.NET 10.2.38

Royalty Free Document Imaging SDK delivered as .NET and ActiveX components enabling developers to compose, display, capture, edit and print documents into they applications. With GdPicture.NET your programs will be able to display documents, acquire image from TWAIN scanners, make image processing, perform OCR, barcode recognition, create PDF/A, and many other features covering all mainstream areas of document imaging.

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Photo-Suit Professional 4.0.27: Photo editing software that provides easy image editing.
Photo-Suit Professional 4.0.27

Photo-Suit is photo editing software that provides a simple way for creating professional digital imaging results. This free photo editing software trial is simple, yet, includes drawing tools, color and saturation adjustments, image and canvas sizing, and a good set of filters. Photo-Suit helps you produce professional digital imaging results with power and ease.

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